“Sus ojos se cerraron y el mundo sigue andando” (Spain/Argentina, 1998)
(in Spanish, with subtitles in Bulgarian)
directed by Jaime Chavarri
9 December, House of Cinema, 19.00 h.

Sus ojos se cerraron y el mundo sigue andando” takes us to Buenos Aires in the 1930-ies, the beginning of the Golden age of tango, the time of the great Carlos Gardel. The movie presents the music and life of Gardel, following an imaginative love story between the young Spanish girl - Juanita and the unknown tango singer, Renzo. She is a passionate fan of Gardel and finds in Renzo, an astonishing resemblance with Gardel. Seduced by the young singer, Juanita leaves her fiancee in pursue of her idol, reincarnated by Renzo. Blinded by irresistible passion, mixed with controversary emotions, the couple submerges into the adventure of sharing Gardel's true life and re-writing the history.

Extract from the movie "Sus ojos se cerraron y el mundo sigue andando":

“Mas tango”
(Germany/Argentina, 2006)

(in Spanish, with subtitles in English and Bulgarian)
directed by Anja Hansmann and Sebastian Schnabel
13 Decemer, House of Cinema, 17.30 h.

"More tango" ("Más tango") is an exciting and emotional description of the "new" vs "old" tango in todays Buenos Aires. The camera follows the young tango couple, Quica and Santiago, on their way to professional tango scene, in juxtaposition with Pedro and Graziella, who celbrate their mature glory in the classical tango. The mucians of three different bands express their views on electronic tango interpretation, in connection with the original roots of tango. Each of the characters in the movie share their perception of "real" tango, of love and passion.
Under the glittering lights of the city, the movie uncovers the exciting scene of the micro-universe called Argentinean tango.

Trailer of the movie "More tango":