Popular among tango dancers world wide, the French-Argentinean tango couple, Céline Ruiz and Damián Rosenthal belong to the latest generation of tango dancers known for their contemporary style and approach, often labeled as "tango nuevo". Equally famous as dancers and teachers, Céline and Damián often teach and perform in Argentina, Europe, USA and Asia and are invited as maestros to the biggest tango festivals in the world. They have been members of the tango companies “All That Tango Dance Company”, "Compania Argentina” и "Union Tanguera" and since 2009 they have their own dance company. They have been invited to perform with a nimber of renowned musuicians such as Richard Galliano, Juan Jose Mossalini and others. In their dance they combine traditional tango with contemporary forms of dancing, focusing on body movement, musicality and the conncetion between the couple during the dance.


Luis and Gaby are dancers and teachers of argentine tango with an elegant and dynamic style based on Tango Salón. They have studied with some of the best tango maestros in Argentina but their most important teachers who helped them obtain a better dynamic movement and shape their own style were Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa with whom they now work together in Buenos Aires. Luis and Gaby have won prizes from several tango competitions in Argentina and have taken part in many tango festivals, shows and live performance of tango orchestras. In their dancing Luis and Gaby pay special attention to harmony, elegance, technical skill and the feeling for the music. They have been teaching since 1997 trying to transfer their own knowledge and experience to each and every one of their students. They have taught classes at some of the most important festivals in Argentina, including the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and CITA. Their enthusiasm as well as their simple and natural approach to dancing and teaching have already enchanted many tango lovers in Italy, Switzerland, Belguim, Austria, Turkey and other European countries.